Contrasting approaches in latest Chichester Chamber Concerts date

Charlotte Salouste-Bridoux (violin) and Joseph Havlat (piano) will offer a contrasting duo when they perform the next concert in the Chichester Chamber Concerts series.
Joseph Havlat (credit Ella Pavlides)Joseph Havlat (credit Ella Pavlides)
Joseph Havlat (credit Ella Pavlides)

They will be in the Assembly Room, Chichester on Thursday, November 9, with tickets available from Chichester Festival Theatre.

Born in France, Charlotte is the 2021 grand prize winner of Young Classical Artists Trust and Concert Guild International Competition. Recent highlights include appearances at Wigmore Hall, a BBC Prom with the 12 Ensemble and a performance of the Franck Piano Quintet at the Gstaadt Festival with Alina Ibragimova, Lawrence Power, Sol Gabetta and Bertrand Chamayou.

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Joseph is a pianist and composer from Hobart, Australia, based in London. A leading interpreter of new music, he has collaborated with composers including T homas Adès and Sir Harrison Birtwistle. As a chamber musician he has performed with Steven Isserlis and Jack Liebeck, alongside regular duo partners Charlotte Saluste-Bridoux and Tim Posner.

“Charlotte and I have been working together for two years,” he said. “Charlotte is a member of YCAT (Young Classical Artists Trust), and they put us in touch and said that Charlotte was looking for someone to work with. We got together and played a bit together and we got on well and the rest is history. We've been playing together for two years around the UK and Europe and we were in Australia over the summer. I think really you are looking for someone where there is a musical connection. You want to be musically on the same page and have similar musical interests and ideas. You want an easy collaboration and really you just want to be sharing the same goals together. The great thing is that we just get on really well together and we hang out together as well outside of our musical work. But it is important to be different as well. It's also about bouncing ideas off each other and having different approaches and we're definitely contrasting personalities. I would say that I am much more calm and very Zen on stage whereas Charlotte is much more flamboyant. She is much more energetic… and I think she would agree!”

Musically Joseph is particularly interested in new music: “I love working with new music and working with the composers. I'm a composer myself and my partner is a composer and that's the world we have become interested in. It is about exploring new things. And when you think about it, all music was new at some point. Every piece, every single one of the great classics that we all enjoy now, was brand new at one point at a time when people didn't necessarily know how to approach them. All music goes through that stage, and that's the really interesting thing.” Their programme for Chichester will be: Enescu Impromptu Concertant in G flat; Schubert Fantasy in C D934 and Rondo Brillant D895; Clara Schumann Three Romances Op 22; and Ravel Violin Sonata No 2 in G.