Dame Vera Lynn reminds the nation that We’ll Meet Again as she celebrates 103rd birthday

Dame Vera Lynn reminds the nation that We’ll Meet Again as she lifts spirits yet again with a new video on her 103rd birthday.

Dame Vera Lynn at 103. Pic by Susan Fleet
Dame Vera Lynn at 103. Pic by Susan Fleet

The Ditchling-based national treasure and original Forces' Sweetheart releases the new video of her signature tune today (March 20).

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Originally recorded in 1939 on her long-time record label Decca Records, We’ll Meet Again is one of the nation’s most memorable and morale-boosting hits, sustaining Britons through the wartime years.

The words are as poignant today as they ever were, with day to day ‘social distancing’ taking place and many in self-isolation.

As Dame Vera says, the underlying message remains the same, for everybody.

The new video features original archive footage of Dame Vera performing the song alongside new visuals representing the current themes of today and a special voiceover from the singer, recorded at home in her 103rd birthday week.

Dame Vera said: “We are facing a very challenging time at the moment, and I know many people are worried about the future. I’m greatly encouraged that despite these struggles we have seen people joining together. They are supporting one another, reaching into the homes of their neighbours by offering assistance to the elderly and sending messages of support and singing into the streets. Music is so good for the soul, and during these hard times we must all help each other to find moments of joy. Keep smiling and keep singing.”

She said she hopes the video will reassure the public that even though we are apart in person, we can be together in spirit – uniting us all with hope, resilience and resolve – and that music and singing can be extremely powerful at times like these.

Ten years ago, whilst in her early 90s, Dame Vera became the oldest living artist to land a UK No.1 album, setting a new record in the history of music and making the performer the only recording artist in the world to have spanned the pop charts from the 1940s to the 21st century.

Her new video is a reminder to the nation, and the world, that music can help you to:

“Keep smiling through

Just like you always do,

'Till the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away.”