David Lowe and Aaron Hawthorne to play the Worthing Wurlitzer

David Lowe and Aaron Hawthorne are the organists in the Worthing Wurlitzer concert coming up in the Assembly Hall on Sunday, February 16, organised by the Sussex Theatre Organ Trust.
Aaron HawthorneAaron Hawthorne
Aaron Hawthorne

Trust chairman Simon Field said: “David has been around for many years and is, I think, one of the most underrated musicians on the circuit. Aaron is a newcomer, but has real talent – sufficient for us to promote him in his own right rather than just as a cameo appearance.

“I was at the American Theatre Organ Society convention last year when he won the Young Organist of the Year competition and he was head and shoulders better than the other entrants.”

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David was born in Shipley and had a musical upbringing as a chorister in Bradford Cathedral. In his 20s he played for dancing at Bradford and later Streatham Ice Rinks. He was house organist at the Gaumont Cinema, Bradford until the organ was removed when the cinema was converted to multi-screen operation.

“Amazingly David has also had a career as a railway inspector, a senior post in the rail industry, and he also owns a company which provides a commercial haulage service using barges on the English canal network. Somehow he has also found the time to make several CDs and radio and TV broadcasts on the theatre organ. His most recent appearance was as the organist when Timothy West and Prunella Scales took time out of one of their canal tour programmes to dance at the Victoria Hall, Saltaire.”

Aaron Hawthorne is from Glasgow and enjoys a busy freelance lifestyle, having recently graduated with a master of arts in music from the University of Glasgow. He recently won the American Theatre Organ Society’s Young Theatre Organist Competition in Rochester, NY.