Dinara Klinton offers "sumptuous" musical sidestep in Brighton

Dinara Klinton is bringing a new programme to Brighton’s Music & Wine at St Luke’s series at Queen’s Park on Friday, October 15 at 7.30pm.

Dinara Klinton
Dinara Klinton

Spokesman Richard Amey said: “Dinara Klinton is taking a sumptuous sidestep from the more sinuous and visceral recorded piano music that gained her sudden world recognition these recent years. She’s pausing her Liszt, Chopin and Prokofiev and now immersing herself in the beauties of romantic Russian music.

“She is bringing a new programme to Brighton’s Music & Wine at St Luke’s series at Queen’s Park which will hearten and embolden listeners possibly cautious and daunted by the characteristic power, range and intensity of frontline Russian piano repertoire.

“Her message to her audience invites their discovery of music of softer, more relaxed colour, expressivity and emotion.”

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    Dinara explained: “I welcome you to spend this Friday evening with me enjoying not just the wine, but my taster for you of the most exquisite Russian musical bouquet. Some of my samples will be lesser known to you, but not any less delicious.

    “These little pieces will walk you through the fruitful blossom of Russian romanticism with a futuristic aftertaste. From soft Lyadov Prelude on to racy 'Lark', herbaceous Medtner and beefy Taneyev. Then after a little social pause we’ll have smoky Scriabin, then heady Rachmaninov to end the evening.

    “Come with your senses and prepared for delight!”

    Her programme is: Prelude in B minor Op11 (Anatoly Lyadov); ‘The Lark’ from the songs ‘A Farewell to St Petersburg’ (Mikhail Glinka, arr Mily Balakirev); ‘A Bird’s Tale’, ‘Scherzo’, ‘The Organ Grinder’ and ‘The Beggar’ from Romantic Sketches for the Young Op 54 ‘Fairy Tales’ (Nikolai Medtner); Prelude and Fugue in G# minor Op 29 (Sergei Taneyev).

    Piano Sonata No 9 ‘The Black Mass’ Op 68 (Alexander Scriabin); Piano arrangements of his own songs – from Op 38 ‘Daisies’, from Op 21 Siren ‘Lilacs’ (Sergei Rachmaninov); Fantasy Pieces Opus 3, No1 Élégie; Preludes Op 23, No 4 in D and No 5 in G minor (Sergei Rachmaninov).