Eastbourne’s “Psychy Poet” in print with two new volumes

Laurie Wilkinson – Eastbourne’s “Psychy Poet” – has got two new books out.

Laurie Wilkinson – Eastbourne’s “Psychy Poet”
Laurie Wilkinson – Eastbourne’s “Psychy Poet”

Laurie, aged 74, has released Our World In Verse and Laurie’s Bundle Of Poetic Humour

“Our World In Verse is the ninth in my series, again reflecting on all aspects of our lives but has some new features.

“It includes four articles I wrote, one for each section of Romance, Humour, Reflection and Tragedy, plus eight poem lead-ins on how/why they were written. I continue with my Info If Needed appendix.

“Included in this book are my takes, both serious and humorous, on the Coronavirus situation, lockdown, my role as a carer, including shout-outs for all carers.

“Poems entitled Stretcher Bearer, A Knock Upon My Door, Fragile Flame, Questioning Fate and Snakes and Ladders are included, plus Fun in Crisis, The Parrot & The Poser and others.

“This book will again appeal to all people as feedback says people like my take on everyday life.

“Laurie’s Bundle Of Poetic Humour, the idea of James Harvey both now my publisher and website guru, is simply a compilation of Best Of all my previous nine books – humour poems, requested, popular at gigs and the poems that get most reaction.

“There are 76 poems in the book in eight sections including The Pub, Food & Drink, Social Behaviours, Stories, Technology etc and a Ted & Beth section.

“There is an introductory poem inside called Laughter and one on back-cover Humour which makes 78 in all, for only £7.99!”

Laurie is known as The Psychy Poet due to what he calls his “expansive” career in psychiatry.

Laurie Wilkinson is an award and competition winner, also six times national finalist when his entries were included in national publications.