Enjoy The Rolling Stones Story at Southsea’s Kings Theatre

The Rolling Stones Story heads to Southsea (contributed pic)The Rolling Stones Story heads to Southsea (contributed pic)
The Rolling Stones Story heads to Southsea (contributed pic)
With the first Rolling Stones album for 18 years announced this week, you can mug up on the Stones with a trip to see The Rolling Stones Story at Southsea’s Kings Theatre on Friday, September 8 at 7.30pm.

Paul Ashworth will slip into the Jagger shoes. Tickets here

“I had been working as a “Mick” for some years both as a professional double and performer with a band. The Rolling Stones Story was an opportunity to move in a slightly different direction. The theatre show came about as a project with a successful established company, and aims to give audiences a real flavour of The Rolling Stones, moving through the different eras of the band’s career in true spectacular Stones style. It’s a full show with costume changes, lights and all the rest, but designed to also suit smaller venues such as regional theatres so that we can tour the show to as many people and places as possible. At the end of the day, my job is about playing a role and what better place for that than in a theatre?

“I’ve done everything from a chef to a teacher to a sports car dealer! I was still working when I started performing as Mick Jagger, and along the way my sideline and hobby gradually became my full time job. I love being able to get on stage every night in a different city with the band and call it work.

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“It’s very hard to choose a favourite song by any artist let alone by ones with such long and prolific careers. I love the darker 70s period of The Stones when they were battling various demons. If I had to pick from the show set I suppose I’d go with Jumping Jack Flash or Street Fighting Man. Jumping Jack Flash is just a masterwork. The lyrics are random and meaningless but yet so great in combination with the tune. It’s a song that is utterly transformed by playing it at different tempos and I never get bored with it. I love Street Fighting Man for it’s slightly punky energy and the way that it captures the rebellious spirit of the time. Amazingly we have seen people do salsa dancing to it on several occasions, so it’s a very versatile number!”