Game review: Magic: The Gathering-Duels of the Planewalkers

MAGIC: THE GATHERING-DUELS OF THE PLANEWALKERS has been around for a while now. In fact, it first made an appearance way back in the last century (90s to be exact).

If you are into playing collectable card games, then this is the best one around. I personally don`t get these type of games but that doesn`t mean it is a game that should be avoided.

MAGIC: THE GATHERING-DUELS OF THE PLANEWALKERS has incredible depth, and involves a great deal of thought to play it.

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Each player is a planeswalker and you have a selection of different cards, each one containing a variety of spells and magic. Decks come in five different colours, including black and these contain evil stuff, red having more offensive spells and so on.

The game is something along the lines of chess in a way; you have to use strategy to outwit your opponent, so the old grey matter does get a good try out.

With four campaigns within this game, the initial one, revenge, challenge and the new planechase campaign, each contain a number of matches and as you defeat each opponent another deck is unlocked.

MAGIC: THE GATHERING-DUELS OF THE PLANEWALKERS has been constantly upgraded over the years, and there are a vast amount of cards to choose from.

The initial start of the campaign is really an introduction showing you how to play the game, with plenty of tips and hints on how to improve your gameplay.

With constant changing scenarios, this game does keep you guessing, especially when you play it one on one. It does remind me of dungeons and dragons in a way, with all the role playing and strategy elements.

As for difficulty, well it’s neither hard nor easy, you just have to use your brain quite a bit. So if you’re looking for a typical fantasy game then this isn`t for you.

As a strategy game, though, this is beyond most of its contemporaries.

MAGIC: THE GATHERING-DUELS OF THE PLANEWALKERS obviously has a large hard core following, it’s all about the cards and how they are played.

You might find yourself with a number of powerful creatures, but without the right card to play them, you’re stuffed, and that’s what this is all about, the draw of the cards.

Multiplayer wise this is where MAGIC: THE GATHERING-DUELS OF THE PLANEWALKERS comes into its own with personal stats and world ranking boards.

You could (if you’re any good) get yourself up there with the big boys, but as usual there are some serious players out there so be warned.

With free for all and planechase modes available it certainly has plenty to offer.

With a vast array of starter decks available for beginners, there is plenty of scope and as a newbie you won`t feel intimidated by the game.

Personally, It took me a while to figure this game out, playing cards on a screen is something that I am not used to (apart from solitaire), and the amount of things to remember can be baffling at times.

Yet I can see the appeal, it just doesn`t blow my skirt up.


MAGIC: THE GATHERING-DUELS OF THE PLANEWALKERS is indeed a massive and complex game, challenging and intriguing in its gameplay.

If you like top trumps or any kind of fantasy role playing with plenty of strategy then this is the game for you.

I give MAGIC: THE GATHERING-DUELS OF THE PLANEWALKERS 8 out of 10 as I do get the idea, it just doesn`t do it for me.


Developer: Stainless games

Publisher: Wizards Of The Coast

Xbox 360®

Playstation 3®



Genre: Collectable Card Game

Release Date: 20th June 2012