Giving Disney the punk treatment on tour - Brighton and Southampton dates

Punk Rock Factory are the kings of turning any song into a pop punk masterpiece – skills they are taking out on tour with dates in Brighton and Southampton.
Punk Rock Factory (contributed pic)Punk Rock Factory (contributed pic)
Punk Rock Factory (contributed pic)

The four-piece from South Wales take all your favourite tracks and change them in ways you could you never imagine – everything from Disney to TV themes via the great classics of musical theatre. And it’s a formula that works. They have racked up 26 million Spotify streams, 5.1 million likes on TikTok and 11 million YouTube views. They have just released their latest EP Poor Unfortunate Souls, along with their album It's Just A Stage We're Going Through, both out now. Dates coming up include Brighton’s Concorde 2 on Wednesday, October 25 and Southampton’s 1865 on Wednesday, November 1.

Peej Edwards, from the band, said: “It's just something that we started back in 2014 doing the odd cover. We just started it for a bit of fun on a Monday night, just hanging around as friends and we were just doing a song every now and again and putting it up on YouTube. There were three of us and our guitarist joined shortly afterwards. We were doing pop songs and guilty pleasure songs and making them pop punk. Pop punk was a pleasure for us and it was what we had done in various bands and it was just a natural genre for us to go to and at the time there were a lot of pop goes punk albums happening. The first album we did was a collection of guilty pleasure tracks and older tracks and then during the first lockdown we did a version of Just Can't Wait To Be King which we put out on TikTok and it went viral and we ended up doing an album of Disney stuff which came out in December 2020. We managed to record throughout the lockdowns that year just because of the way that we work, the fact that we could work remotely, each of us on our own parts. It was a bad time obviously because of Covid but actually it was a good time for us as a band. Everyone was at at home and everyone was getting their entertainment on their phones and on TV and we really capitalised on that. It was never a conscious decision to take advantage of the pandemic! It was just a natural progression for us and it worked really well.

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“There's such a cult following for Disney. The following is absolutely huge and there are just so many die-hard Disney fans but we found that a lot of Disney people tend to be fans of alternative music as well. From there things just went from strength to strength for us. We are on our seventh album in three years. We do everything ourselves. We're all DIY and we have our own studio so we can work quickly. It really is like a factory. We have released various albums. We did a collection of 90s kids TV themes and we did a second Disney album and our latest album is stage and screen musical tracks. We tend to go for themes on our albums that follow whatever the cult is at the moment. We hone each album to what is popular.”