Grace - Brighton detective confirmed for new series with filming to start this August

The hugely successful Brighton-based TV detective series Grace has been confirmed for a third season.


John Simm, who plays Roy Grace, and Zoë Tapper, who plays love interest Cleo, made the announcement on the TV show This Morning at midday today.

They confirmed filming will begin this August for three more episodes.

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“We are going again. We are starting filming in August,” Zoë said.

Grace: nine reasons the new Brighton-based TV detective series is the best thing on television right nowThe final episode of the current second season will be screened this Sunday night on ITV at 9pm.

Earlier episodes in season two dominated TV viewing figures, making it the best watched Sunday night show over successive weeks – all of which heightened expectation that a new series would be confirmed.

That confirmation has now come – to the delight of the millions of the fans of the original books and to the delight of the millions of fans now discovering Grace through the TV series.

The books come from author Peter James who is delighted with the news.

“The production company were really happy about it. ITV were really happy about it. The producer is an old friend of mine. They were thrilled to bits. They were saying that you just never know, you can never tell what the chemistry is going to be.”

But the fact is that that chemistry worked brilliantly.

A huge amount of the success came down to John Simm as Peter’s Brighton-based detective Roy Grace.

“He was like the Roy Grace I had imagined when I first created him, but it is also that he has got a warmth about him. You see homicide detectives portrayed as people that go around shouting, but the really good ones are very calm people who have a very high degree of emotional intelligence and are very caring about people. The really good ones are the ones that have a high degree of empathy with the victims, with their loved ones and family. And John was just perfect. You really felt that with John it became personal. He had that quality of compassion.