Hastings: “wonderful” family music event promised at Harrowfest

The Harrow Inn, The Ridge in Hastings, is promising a “wonderful” family music event on July 31.

Stormy T
Stormy T

Kitson Wellard, event promoter and organiser, said: “Harrowfest, a completely-free-to-attend event, started in 2019 and it hosted a full day of live music acts.

“Due to Covid-19, the event had to be rescheduled for 2021. This year is going to be bigger and better! The pub car park will be closed off to the public and for one day only, it will be turned into a mini-festival site.

“There is an outdoor live stage with professional sound and lighting rig. There will be a huge outdoor barbecue for the family and outside bar tents serving a variety of soft drinks, ales, lagers, ciders, wines and spirits.

“The disco will start from 2pm and the first live act will be starting at 3pm and there will be a packed programne of bands until 10.30pm. This event will be raising money to help local live performers and musical theatre venues that have suffered from lack of work because of the pandemic.”

Kitson added: “This was a fantasitc day the last time we did it. The atmosphere was fabulous and it really felt like a family music event. We are hoping the crowds will return. The Harrow are completely funding this event to help kickstart the business again after a very turbulent 18 months. Please do pop along and support live music and our local pubs.”

The live bands from the area will be:

Dead Calm: Dead Calm began life in 1996 from the ashes of The Lost Boys.

“They are an extremely well received band that plays really great rock and prog rock covers from ELO, Pink Floyd to rock songs from Led Zepplin and David Bowie. Their set also includes classic and contemporary pop covers with a splattering of soul.

“Stormy-T and Bluesman’s Lane is a four-piece Hastings-based Blues band. They play traditional rhythm & blues, swing, blues and funk from the 1930s to the 2000s. This band have really made a name for themselves locally, playing at virtually every venue in Hastings and have also got a regular slot in London.

“Smoking Jacket Live Party Band does exactly what it says on the tin – party! This five-piece function band has been established in Hastings for ten years. Smoking Jacket does not appear much on the local pub circuit as they are pretty busy performing and weddings and corporate functions. The versatile set cover all music genres from pop, rock, funk, soul, swing and Disney!”

The event is 2pm-10.30pm: “Everyone welcome. The car park for this event will be closed, so please use local public transport links or park in surrounding roads. Free entry, and security is on site.”