Hurly-burly Theatre Company back in action in Worthing

Worthing’s Hurly-burly Theatre Company is delighted to be part of the return to the stage post-pandemic.

Hurly-burly group
Hurly-burly group

They’re busy rehearsing a brand-new double bill, to be presented at their regular venue, Worthing’s Ardington Hotel.

Playwright Gill Medway is the company’s resident writer and says she loves working with such a talented bunch of actors.

“They’re keen to tackle whatever I throw at them. We’ve been performing at the Ardington for more than six years. It all began in 2016 with our signature production, When the Hurly-burly’s Done – an unusual and comic take on Shakespeare’s three witches. And, of course, this rather neatly gave us the name for our company. Since then, we’ve been children from the 1950s, Cinderella’s Ugly Sisters, desperate lonely hearts, a hapless tour guide, Santa’s reindeer – and many more. We really enjoy surprising our audiences!”

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    A regular character on the Hurly-burly stage is broad-minded charlady Violet Brimley, played by Gill herself.

    “She’s a northern lady who’s a great observer of human nature, and although she encounters some weird situations, she’s never judgmental and always the soul of diplomacy.

    “In her latest adventure, Keeping it Clean, she’s intrigued by some dodgy goings-on behind the net curtains in an oh-so-spotless neighbourhood. Our audiences know her well, and she’s looking forward to seeing them again.”

    In Three Across, we meet Nathan, whose idea of a relaxing morning is tackling the crossword in his local coffee shop: “Safe enough, you may think. But that’s before scatty Joanna arrives – and he finds himself drawn into a romantic entanglement. Cryptic? It certainly is!

    “We have a great line-up this time,” says Gill. “In addition to our regulars, Liz Downes and Russ Bravo, we’re delighted to welcome Stuart Smithers.”

    “The date is Thursday, July 28 when there will be two performances – one at 12 noon followed by lunch and another at 6.30pm followed by dinner in the hotel’s Indigo Restaurant. Tickets are £30. Call 01903 230451.”