Littlehampton Musical Comedy Society are taking you to pantoland

Spokeswoman Amelia Whittle said: “This year sees them telling the family favourite, Jack and the Beanstalk. In the classic tale, our hero Jack must save his village Merrydale from the nasty Giant Blunderbore and his henchman Fleshcreep. Even Merrydale’s King Maurice and his loyal servant Grabbit are forced to act as rent collectors.

The company
The company

“Things turn from bad to worse when poor dairy-owner Dame Trott can’t pay up, and she is forced to sell her beloved cow Daisy to raise the rent money. Our hero Jack is tricked into selling Daisy to Fleshcreep for a bag of beans. Daisy is taken away to the Giant’s castle in the clouds, along with Jack’s girlfriend Jill. Somehow, Jack must find a way to rescue them before they become the Giant’s dinner!”

Performances are at The Windmill Theatre, Littlehampton from Thursday to Sunday, January 16-Sunday, January 19. Tickets on 01903 730775.

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