London Grammar at the Brighton Centre – what our reviewer though of Saturday’s show

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a review of Rag’n’Bone Man’s Brighton Centre gig and mentioned his lack of interaction with the audience.

London Grammar played the second date of their UK tour in Brighton last night
London Grammar played the second date of their UK tour in Brighton last night

But having seen London Grammar at the same venue on Saturday night, I feel I owe Mr Bone an apology.

I feel bad saying this, as I looked online and there’s a suggestion lead singer Hannah Read suffers from stage fright, but there was very, very little engagement with the crowd at all.

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Nothing was said until half an hour after the show started, and then that was it for the evening, until they said goodbye. It made Rag look positively chatty.

London Grammar in action at the Brighton Centre on Saturday night

That’s not to say it wasn’t a really good gig, because you just can’t deny the unbelievable beauty of Reid’s voice. And any night listening to her angelic notes is guaranteed to be a good night.

But without any chat, you couldn’t help but feel the evening ended prematurely. They were done in an hour and 15 minutes, and we were back out on the street by just after 10pm.

It could be that it’s an excellent marketing strategy. Stay mysterious and intriguing. Leave them wanting more.

Maybe they’re from the Adele school of pop stars, and just want to keep it all about the music.

It’s fair to say I’d absolutely love to see them again, so maybe they’re just really shrewd.

If I do go again, though, I hope the sound is a little better. Not the band’s fault, but there were times when the backing track and instruments were so loud, you struggled to hear Reid’s voice, particularly in the lower register.

But if I sound moany – and I’m aware that I might – that’s not my intention.

I’d been so excited to see them, and had been the envy of my friends when I said I had tickets.

I listen to their music all the time, and it was an absolute treat to hear the tracks I love to listen to at home performed live.

And though there were times when I just wished they’d turn up Reid’s mic, there were so many more where I was simply captivated by the power of her voice. It’s so pure and relaxing, it literally takes me to another place.

That’s why the next time they’re in town, I’ll be at the front of the queue for tickets.