Robin Hood at the Hawth in Crawley: An enchanting family show not to be missed

It is so wonderful to be back at the theatre, and the Hawth's green amphitheatre is the perfect setting for this product of Robin Hood.

Surrounded by trees and birdsong, we were easily transported to Sherwood Forest, with heroic Robin and his band of Merry Men, and the wonderfully wicked Guy of Gisborne.

We joined the rest of the audience in our delight as the classic tale unfolded, from Robin's meeting with Little John and Maid Marion, to the battles that ensue and our hero's eventual victory.

The action, including some fun and nicely choreographed fight scenes - my son said the sword fighting was his favourite bit - was interspersed with a cappella songs, beautifully sung by the cast and really adding to the magical atmosphere of the piece.

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    Liam Murray Scott as Robin Hood

    Liam Murray Scott's Robin was everything you want the character to be - brave, bold and more than a little cocky, though gracious in defeat when bested by his friends.

    Charlotte Price proved her versatility with quick-changes between her roles as Marion and Will Scarlet, doing a brilliant job as both love interest and betrayer, and with an enchanting singing voice.

    We loved Louise Lord as Little John, a small but feisty version of the storybook character who knocks Robin off the bridge and becomes his best friend.

    But best of all was Matt Tweddle's literal bad Guy, spot on as the conniving Gisborne who will stop at nothing to bring down his arch enemy. Matt's musicality was also a strong feature, his fine voice filling the leafy glade.

    Robin Hood and Guy Gisborne

    This piece of theatre is highly entertaining, great for all ages and a lovely way to experience a show outside, in a safe and socially-distanced space.

    It runs at the Hawth until Sunday, July 11, with shows at 6pm each evening, and 2pm on Saturday and Sunday.

    Visit the website for more details and to book or call the box office on 01293 553636.

    Robin Hood and his Merry Men