The Roadee team is creating online gigs for music lovers in the coronavirus outbreak

A company behind a Lewes-based mobile recording studio hopes to keep members of the public tuned in to live music during the coronavirus outbreak.
Sam Walker performing in The RoadeeSam Walker performing in The Roadee
Sam Walker performing in The Roadee

CMP Studios Ltd, which is behind The Roadee, aims to connect performing artists to affected families or lonely individuals using platforms like FaceTime and Skype.

The team is also asking musicians to send in footage of them performing live, so they can schedule free Facebook watch parties that offer one hour of entertainment per evening.

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Alex Davies, logistics, accounts and media manager for CMP Studios, said: “We’re in the very early stages of formulating it so it’s an evolving process.”

“But we have a Facebook page called The Roadee Community and we know that artists like to post and share their videos on there. It’s sort of based on that idea. It would be partially a Facebook page for broadcasting videos so people could watch them on Facebook. But we also wanted to expand the idea out to reach people who perhaps aren’t on Facebook – via Skype or FaceTime for example – to connect artists to perform video for them.”

This could even mean a literal one-to-one connection, where one artist performs live for one individual.

“I think it’s really important because of the idea of facing self-isolation and social distancing measures,” said Alex. “I think there will be a lot of people feeling very isolated in their homes and obviously bored, a lot of people who might be living on their own as well, elderly people and vulnerable people. So it’s to provide a very uplifting service for them really.”

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“It would be a fairly broad cross-section of music, predominantly acoustic singer-songwriters,” he added, explaining that the artists could perform in their homes or garages.

The team has also suggested that musicians could set up Fundraising and Kickstarter pages for their audience to donate to, which could help to alleviate any financial pressures they are experiencing.

If any singer-songwriters or bands would like to get involved they can email [email protected] or call 01273 479101.

A message on The Roadee Community Facebook page reads: “Please spread the word and let’s build up a wider and bigger community of musical creatives, so that we can discuss the impact COVID-19 is having on us and look at ways in which we can help each other through these unprecedented times.

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“Hang on in there everybody, and let’s hope that the performing musical arts not only prevail but give our audience hope and inspiration for a time not too far away when the world returns to normal.”

Click here to read the full statement.

About The Roadee

In 2018 The Roadee Mobile Recording Studio travelled to Sussex pubs and other arts venues, offering artists the chance to have a taster recording session.

This footage led to the TV show Live From The Roadee, which ran for 30 episodes that were broadcast on Brighton’s Latest TV.

The Roadee Community was created from this roster of more than 150 talented individuals.

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