VIDEO: Grand Ages: Rome - trailer released, demo imminent

Developers Kalypso Media have released a trailer showcasing new city-building strategy game Grand Ages: Rome

Kalypso Media's latest game is the sequel to Imperium Romanum and offers a series of multiplayer options which will have strategy gamers drooling:

Last Man Standing '“ The objective of this game mode is to defeat all other teams. A player is considered defeated when all outposts controlled by them are destroyed.

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40.000 Denarii '“ The first team to accumulate a total of 40 000 Denarii wins.

All Monuments '“ The first team to construct the Colosseum, Circus Maximus, Pantheon, Philosopher Academy, Courthouse and Victory Column wins.

Defeat Last Barbarians '“ The team that destroys the last barbarian village on the map wins.

King of the Hill '“ The teams battle for control of a special point on the map. The team that manages to hold control of the point for 10 minutes wins the game.

All in One '“ This game mode combines all other multiplayer modes. Any team that destroys all enemy outposts, is the first to accumulate 100 000 Denarii, or constructs all the monuments will win. 'Destroy all barbarians' and 'King of the Hill' victory modes are also applied on the maps where these game modes are available.

In the trailer, you can feast your eyes on the glorious Roman Empire at work, rest and war.

It provides stunning insights into life in the Roman era with footage of a triumphant Roman victory parade, a Senator's speech and the farming communities who provided food and produce for the growing cities. Feel the might of the Roman legions in battle both on land and at sea.

Within the next few days the demo version of GRAND AGES: ROME will also be released.

The demo will introduce two tutorials and two missions from the full game. The demo will allow you to play as a member of 2 of the 5 families available in the full game. Two missions will be available in the demo. In the first mission, "Bread and Circuses" the player will have to build a small city, while in the second mission, "Legio VIII" your strategic and martial skills will be tested. Will you be found wanting?

Your Empire needs you! Can you lead the greatest civilisation in the World?

GRAND AGES: ROME will be released on March 6 for a recommended retail price of 29.99. For further information please visit the website:


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