DVD review: Gomorrah (4 out of 5)

Be prepared for more gritty and compelling drama with the return of the Italian crime families drama Gomorrah.
Don Pietro and Genny SavastanoDon Pietro and Genny Savastano
Don Pietro and Genny Savastano

Season one’s ending was explosive, with a brutal massacre, Genny, the son of criminal king Don Pietro Savastano, shot by once loyal right-hand man Ciro and Don Pietro in a prison break-out.

The new season is straight back into the action as the era of the Savastano clan appears to be ending.

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Genny, after recovering from his serious injuries, takes over power from Don Pietro (Fortunato Cerlino).

Ciro (Marco D’Amore), whose dynamic as mentor to Genny (Salvatore Esposito) was a captivating feature of the first season, is still fighting to end their reign.

Drug baron Conte is also hoping to be the new king, with Ciro appearing to be on his side.

Who will win as the top criminals vie for power?

Nothing is as it seems in this universally acclaimed and realistic look at the underworld in the backstreets of Naples.

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After all, the story is based on the international best-selling book by Roberto Saviano.

He exposed the Camorra mafia syndicate based around the town and has been living under police protection for eight years.

Gomorrah (18) is out on DVD and Blu-Ray.

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