DVD Review: One For The Money (12), (107 mins), new on DVD from Blockbuster.

Katherine Heigl does her best as the spiky bounty-hunter-in-training Stephanie Plum, but One For The Money is a film which rapidly gets bogged down in its meandering plot.

The gist is that Plum, newly redundant as a lingerie manageress, opts for something a little different in her new career, promising to pull in a cop who has skipped bail on a murder charge.

It just so happens that the cop is her ex-boyfriend, and the passions are still there smouldering. It also just happens that he is not quite as guilty as it would first appear. He’s certainly got his reasons for going on the run.

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It all comes down to street girls, dodgy club owners and all manner of largely-unappealing types, embroiled in all kinds of largely-uninteresting low-life shenanigans. You’d have to be very gripped by the plot not to lose it.

The trouble is also that it is all too reminiscent of the Jennifer Aniston/Gerard Butler movie The Bounty Hunter a couple of years ago - a film which does the old attraction-repulsion-attraction game so much better.

But One For The Money isn’t without its good points. Heigl captures the sparkiness of the heroine of Janet Evanovich’s celebrated crime novel, and fleetingly there are some nice moments with her ex-lover-cum-sparring partner (Jason O’Mara) in a performance so similar to Butler that Gerard might as well have played it.

All in all, though, it’s a film which really doesn’t deliver half the fun it promises.

Phil Hewitt

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