All Of Us Strangers among the New Park films in Chichester

Andrew Haigh has created the warmest and most achingly tender love story within a near-empty tower block in contemporary London.
Zone of Interest (contributed pic)Zone of Interest (contributed pic)
Zone of Interest (contributed pic)

All Of Us Strangers is a hypnotic story of love and loss with magnetic performances by Andrew Scott as the lonely screenwriter traumatised by the loss of his parents and Paul Mescal the mysterious neighbour with whom he develops a new relationship. With Claire Foy and Jamie Bell completing the acting masterclass, this multi-award-nominated film will stay with you long after the credits roll.

Another universally acclaimed contender is The Zone of Interest which won the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes last year. Based on Martin Amis’ novel of the same name, we first think we are observing a normal, happy German family in their summer home, until skies fill with smoke and we see barbed wire fences and realise that this is the home of an Auschwitz commandant, living right next door to the concentration camp. With a jarring, clanging score and a steller turn from arthouse actress du jour Sandra Hüller, this latest film from Sexy Beast director Jonathan Glazer deserves all the praise being showered on it. A companion Talk on the Careers of Glazer and Amis and how they tacked one of the greatest crimes in human history, will take place at the cinema on Saturday morning 10 Feb at 10:30.

Sandra Hüller also appears in Anatomy of a Fall – a gripping thriller-cum-courtroom drama

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