Artists Open Houses spring festival offers delights across Brighton

Artists Open Houses spring festival is bigger than ever, with more 180 venues opening their doors in the Brighton area to welcome art and craft enthusiasts in to explore their work and environments.
Open Houses (contributed pic)Open Houses (contributed pic)
Open Houses (contributed pic)

Spokeswoman Nicola Jeffs lists some of the highlights:“Story Maps, an exhibition by artists with learning disabilities, autism and neurodivergence from the Figment Arts Studio that will explore the rich folklore of our locale, which will include a pop-up folklore library and opportunity to take part in collaborative painting.

“The DOG show, a popular addition to AOH, returning for its fifth year, presenting over 200 piece of dog-inspired artworks.

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"For this year they will have seven returning artists: painter Sally Muir, Felted Fido and her exquisite felted dogs, Lorraine Corrigan’s papier-mâché dogs, Bridget Baker’s restrained wire dogs, Gemma Rees and her gorgeous Bedlington whippet sculptures, Sophie Thurlow’s miniatures painted on teabags and Joanna Osborne’s ceramic dogs. New artists for this year include Josse Davis with his hand-thrown mugs plus flat backs inspired by Staffordshire figurines and small rake dogs, Violet Von Riot and her intricate collage dogs, Justine Osborne’s mugs and bowls, Sarah Gooder’s refined watercolours, and Lost and Foundry with her dog lamps. Plus composer Orlando Gough has created a specially composed dog-scape - a canine polyphonic dog sound mash-up.

“In the beautiful Regency Town House, visitors can explore This Is The Seventh Wave, a group exhibition curated by Judy Stevens and Dee Ferris that brings together locally-based artists for whom the sea is a source for inspiration.

"The exhibition offers up the ocean as a site for collaboration and connection, as well as a call to action on issues including climate futures/pasts, sustainability and migration. Exhibiting artists include; Polly Arnett, Nicholas Carrick, Emma Critchley, Dee Ferris, John Haywood, Solange Leon, Andre Lichtenberg, Alej ez, Catalina Mejia Moreno, Judy Stevens, Francisca Vidal Vergara + Pulso Austral, Arantza Vilas, Carole Villain and Jonathan Wright.

“Brighton-born artist Bryony Devitt joins AOH this year with an unconventional venue, a portable open house (POH). This inventive addition is a dolls’ house on wheels showcasing custom-made miniature artwork by local and international artists. The POH will roam the streets of one of Britain’s most expensive cities where Bryony herself cannot afford to purchase a home.It provokes reflection on the struggles posed by Brighton’s housing crisis.”

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Artists Open Houses will take place over four weekends this May, with venues across Brighton & Hove participating in the festival’s 42nd year.

“We are delighted to share the joyful spring brochure cover, created by artist Sarah Arnett, whose popular venue The Little Picture Palace is a highlight in our calendar.

"The festival is free to attend and will take place on May 11 and 12, May 18 and 19 and May 25, 26 and 27.”

“Visitors can explore more artwork by Sarah Arnett in the unique interiors of The Little Picture Palace, which will be open to the public throughout the festival."

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