Arun A Cappella are recruiting

Arun A Cappella Photo (contributed pic)Arun A Cappella Photo (contributed pic)
Arun A Cappella Photo (contributed pic)
Arun A Cappella is looking for people to share the joy of singing with them.

Spokeswoman Sue Cooper said: “There’s nothing quite like singing your heart out to lift your spirits. Our all-female singing group Arun A Cappella meet every Monday evening from 7.30 to 9.30pm, and we’re recruiting!

“Our repertoire covers a wide spectrum from traditional barbershop-style tunes to contemporary hits like Bohemian Rhapsody and songs from The Greatest Showman and Pitch Perfect. We’re currently working on Feeling Good by Nina Simone and Take That’s Rule The World. Singers of all ages are welcome. If you’re new to four-part harmony singing, we sing in four parts – bass, baritone, lead and tenor which is the highest. If you’re not sure which part will suit you best, our musical director Naomi Cole will give you a suggestion based on your vocal range and experience. Newcomers are encouraged to come along to rehearsals and take part in the warm-up exercises. It’s a great opportunity to see how the group operates. We’ll help you learn a song and whenever you feel ready, you can have a go singing it with us!

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“It’s a really lovely group. When I moved to Bognor Regis last year, I didn’t know anyone and it’s been like having a ready-made friend group. I was new to singing and knew nothing about harmonising so it was nerve-racking singing for the first time together but I’m so glad I did it! It’s a real challenge sometimes but I wouldn’t miss it for the world now!

“We’re not just about rehearsals, fun as they are. We regularly take our singing out into the community performing a number of sing-outs and concerts in the area whether it’s entertaining groups, pubs or fundraising for our chosen charities. We recently joined forces with two other local all-female a cappella groups for some professional coaching for You’re My World by Cilla Black. The evening culminated in a concert with us singing the song we’d been learning all afternoon. The song builds to a crescendo, I Feel A Power So Divine, and singing together with this amazing group of ladies, it really did feel like a power so divine.

“If you’re interested in joining us, or booking us for an event please email us [email protected] or follow us on Facebook for more information whether you're an experienced singer or a novice.”