Celebration of Hastings artists in new exhibition

Seven Hang Ups - Billy Chainsaw (contributed pic)Seven Hang Ups - Billy Chainsaw (contributed pic)
Seven Hang Ups - Billy Chainsaw (contributed pic)
Seven Hang Ups is the title of an exhibition running in the Upstairs Gallery at St Andrews Mews, Hastings until Friday, May 31, open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 11am and 5pm.

Organiser Shane Oleary said: “Last summer I was lucky enough to persuade some local artists to join me in exhibiting at St Andrews Mews in Hastings. We had fun, sold some work and didn't break much of anything so the owners asked me to curate a new show this spring and I have. I wanted to include some very active local artists, some artists from outside our bubble and some local artists who have been a little reclusive.”

Among them is Crimson V: “I am a dark, erotic artist, a mixed-media embroidery artist who likes to push boundaries and comfort zones. I have always been drawn to the night, the moon, the darker side of existence, dancing on the lines of reality, seeing the beauty in madness, imperfections and risque subjects. My work has evolved over the last ten years to include my passions and lifestyle choices. I pull from my own experiences and from those around me to create my art. Art that plays with the realms of restrictions, freedom, expression, growth and ecstasy.” Contains sexually themed works, viewing discretion advised.

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Also taking part is Billy Chainsaw, an internationally-collected British Pop Artist whose work uses a “fertile mix of pulp and the arcane to engage with ideas of mortality, magick and sensuality.”

Joining them is Stuart Bass: “I am a self-taught artist. Painting and drawing have always formed an important part of my life. From an early age I had a passion for drawing seascapes and countryside scenes. After my formal education I went on to study theatre design which is where my influence in story-telling through my artwork began. Having lived in Sussex all my life, the South Downs and its towns and villages have always been a source of inspiration to me. I particularly enjoy how moonlight changes the mood of a surrounding, offering a dream-like world to escape too and enjoy. My style of working is based around applying inks to canvas or board via a mixture of paint brush and airbrush techniques. The airbrush gives the pictures warmth and depth. The ink blends in after each layer is applied, sometimes making up to 20-30 layers of ink.”

Richard Heslop is an artist, film and video director and cameraman. He has directed videos for many bands including The Cure, Happy Mondays, New Order, Sinead O'Connor, Queen, The Shamen, The Smiths, Poly Styrene, Viv Albertine, Isobel Campbell and Paul McCartney. He worked closely with Derek Jarman, helping to film The Garden and The Last Of England. He has also worked on several projects for the BBC, the most recent being with Simon Armitage, the Poet Laureate.

Natalya KD is also taking part: “I was born in India and am half Russian. I am a street photographer, film-maker and musician. My passion is in capturing extraordinary moments in ordinary life. I look at situations from multiple angles to keep a fresh perspective and celebrate captivating moments of people, nature, architecture and light. Everything is happening in the present whether we are here or not.”

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