From Chichester to Hollywood

Chichester Film and Video Makers are offering Chichester to Hollywood: The Journey of Eddie Hamilton, Oscar-nominated editor for Top Gun: Maverick (2022).
Eddie Hamilton. Pic by Rosalind FurlongEddie Hamilton. Pic by Rosalind Furlong
Eddie Hamilton. Pic by Rosalind Furlong

Eddie, a former member of Chichester Festival Youth Theatre, will discuss his work in Chichester’s Minerva Theatre on Saturday, April 13 from 2pm-4.30pm

Richard Plowman, from the club, said: “Chichester Film and Video Makers has been established for over 50 years. The aim of the club is to encourage an interest in film and video production as a medium of information, education and entertainment, increasing the knowledge and technical ability of our members.

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“As well as competing in the internal club competitions, members often enter films videos in external events such as regional and national film festivals, some venturing into the International arena. The club and its members have won over 250 awards in these competitions. However, like most clubs these days our members are getting older and numbers are dwindling. As the incoming chairman of CFVM with an enthusiastic committee, we have decided to relaunch the club with a prestigious and ambitious event using a distinguished and internationally-renowned Oscar-nominated speaker from the film industry as the draw for a convention.

“The other main element of the convention will be the launch of an exciting new community film project and the recruitment of cast and crew members. Access has been given to a professional film screenplay The Car of the Future by Phillip Barron. The film will be targeted for top film international competitions with very high production levels.

“The Minerva Theatre will provide a prestigious venue given the audience numbers anticipated. Eddie Hamilton, Oscar-nominated editor of Top Gun Maverick and Mission Impossible, has agreed to be the guest speaker. Eddie began his career in the Youth Theatre at CFT. Eddie is currently working in London until the end of May on the new Mission Impossible film and can use clips from the film in his talk as well as the acclaimed Top Gun Maverick.”