Hailsham attraction opens new zoo area

An adventure park in Hailsham has opened a new ‘Jungle Kingdom’.

Knockhatch Adventure Park, on Hailsham Bypass, opened the new Jungle Kingdom on Saturday (July 30) morning.

The new area has been in development for three years due to delays from the pandemic.

It includes a range of new species – Banded Mongoose, Black Tailed Prairie Dogs and Tunisiam Spur Thighed Tortoises.

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    There’s also four Short Claw Asian Otters which can be seen being fed five times a day, enjoying their waterfall and diving into their pool.

    The kingdom also includes a big slide that goes through the meerkat enclosure.

    Jungle Kingdom is phase one of a three phase development plan for the family-owned adventure park.

    More about Knockhatch

    New zoo area at Knockhatch Adventure Park, Hailsham (photo by Eddie Howland)

    Knockhatch has a range of indoor and outdoor play areas, the new zoo area, and plenty of food options too.

    The site is open every day (other than Christmas Eve/Christmas Day/Boxing Day/New Years Day) 10am-5.30pm.