Julian Clary brings A Fistful of Clary to Eastbourne

Julian Clary - pic by Andy HollingworthJulian Clary - pic by Andy Hollingworth
Julian Clary - pic by Andy Hollingworth
Julian Clary is on the road for a brand-new 2024 UK tour entitled A Fistful of Clary.

Julian – who recently featured as part of the series 16 line-up of C4’s Taskmaster – will play 46 shows across the UK, from April 10-June 14, stopping off for two nights at his spiritual pantomime home, the London Palladium (May 18-19). Dates include Friday, June 7, Eastbourne, Devonshire Park; Saturday, June 8, Guildford, G Live; Wednesday, June 12, Portsmouth, New Theatre Royal; and Friday, June 14, Brighton Dome.

Julian said: “I love touring. It is a very lovely, creative process. Every night is different. I look forward to seeing how things evolve: a tiny spontaneous idea one night can become a twenty-minute routine after a few shows. That sort of thing can only happen on stage – no amount of thinking in the comfort of your own home can bring it about.

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“I also love travelling around with my tour manager Bertha. She has been by my side for 25 years. We have a laugh or lapse into a nice, comfortable silence as the mood takes us. Bliss.”

The tour is set to have a Western theme.

“Placing myself in the macho world of the Western seems like a jolly wheeze. All those un-washed cowboys, spitting and swearing. Not to mention the clothes. There are rich pickings for a camp comic to plunder, I’m sure of it.

“I’ll be creating a new Western drama called The Magnificent Seven Inches. For that I’ll need a posse. Sadly I don’t have one with me so I shall have to rely on the kindness of unsuspecting punters. Yes, I’ll be needing some male members. I seem to have a psychic ability to pick the right people 99 per cent of the time. I need to look them in the eye and then I know. Heterosexual men are best fodder for my purposes. They are, after all, responsible for most of the troubles in this world and I see it as my duty to make them pay.

“My costumes are designed by Hugh Durrant who creates all my panto extravaganza. If you’ve seen the London Palladium panto you’ll know that Hugh doesn’t go for subtlety. I’ve said too much.”

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Julian is delighted to be taking in the London Palladium on tour: “I can’t believe my luck! At this time of life I thought I might be doing the odd gig in a room above a pub somewhere provincial. The Palladium is a truly magical place. And two nights! I feel truly blessed. As soon as I walk through the stage door of the Palladium I feel overcome with happiness.”

Recently Julian enjoyed a surprise appearance on the Christmas Special of ITV’s The Masked Singer.

“The secrecy was half the fun. I can’t tell you – balaclavas, visors, hoodies, gloves even – every time you left your dressing room. Then for the performance being inside your costume is a strangely liberating experience!”