Landscapes, Townscapes and Seascapes - new Lewes exhibition

Peter Chasseaud (pic by Alan Jones)Peter Chasseaud (pic by Alan Jones)
Peter Chasseaud (pic by Alan Jones)
Landscapes, Townscapes and Seascapes is the exhibition from Peter Chasseaud at Lewes’ Star Brewery Gallery from Saturday to Sunday June 15-23.

Originally from Croydon, Peter has lived in Lewes for more than 50 years.

“In this new exhibition my twin starting points have been the iconic features of the very centre of Lewes and the encounter at the coastline between chalk cliffs and the terrible beauty of possibly threatening seas. In the last five months I have worked on serial images focussed on the small but very three-dimensional and evocative area of the castle, bowling green and pavilion, through variations of season, light, colour, atmosphere and mood. Sometimes it appears that, although Lewes has strong associations with Thomas Paine, it is rather Edmund Burke’s notion of the sublime that occurs to the observer.

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“Since my last show (April 2023) at the Star Brewery Gallery I have continued to develop landscape, townscape and seascape drawn and painted images inspired by topography, particularly the Sussex weald and downland – its swelling hill-forms and concave valleys, its trees, skies and heavenly bodies.

"My interest in landscape encompasses related fields such as topography, cartography, flight and aerial photography.

“I am a painter and printmaker, who also works in several other media and have been working in and around Lewes for over 50 years.

"In addition to my painting, I run the Tom Paine Press & Gallery in Lewes High Street and produce my own artist’s books/poetic photobooks and letterpress posters etc. My show last year at the Star Brewery Gallery was an exhibition of representative elements of my work (all oil paintings on canvas), partly retrospective but also a survey of work in progress, emphasising the continuity of my interests and themes and spurring me on to produce new work.

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“My landscape and figurative work reflects the influence of the rural vistas of the Sussex weald and downland – its swelling hill-forms and concave valleys, its trees, skies and heavenly bodies. My interest in landscape encompasses related concepts, including topography, cartography, flight and aerial photography.”

Peter added: “I started oil painting at school, encouraged by an enthusiastic young art master who had taken over the old school gym as a studio for his students. At one stage one of my paintings was hanging in the headmaster’s study!

“I did my foundation course in 1969-70 at Croydon College of Art, where I was introduced to printmaking, including letterpress and lithography, and I was involved with the Croydon Arts Lab when David Bowie – who had just released Space Oddity – came along with his acoustic guitar to sing this and other songs at The Gun Tavern.

"I then studied fine art painting and printmaking (lithography and etching) in the mid-1970s at Brighton Polytechnic – now the University of Brighton.

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"I have exhibited at many venues in Lewes and Brighton, some of my earliest being part of the Lewes is Alive festivals of the early-to-mid 1970s, which were intended to rejuvenate the decaying shopping streets

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