Lewes gallery features three of the “most renowned artists of the 20th century"

Neeta Pedersen (contributed pic)Neeta Pedersen (contributed pic)
Neeta Pedersen (contributed pic)
This April, Neeta Pedersen’s Star Brewery Gallery in Lewes, working with the Hidden Gallery, will present an exhibition featuring original artworks by three of the “most renowned artists of the 20th century.”

Neeta said: “It’s an unparalleled opportunity to not only admire the work of these artistic titans but also to acquire pieces for your own home.”

Matisse Cut-Outs with selected works by Miro and Picasso runs from April 6-14, open 11am-4pm daily.

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“We’re delighted to collaborate with Hidden Gallery and to have the chance to display the work of such illustrious artists.”

Poppy Boys-Stones, director of operations at Hidden Gallery, added: “Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and Joan Miró are not only titans of the art world but also key figures in the art market. Their works continue to be in high demand worldwide, with collectors recognising the enduring value and brilliance of these artists' creations.

“Hidden Gallery boasts over 30 years of experience in acquiring and selling rare artworks.

“This exhibition includes Matisse's captivating collection of artworks, including his quintessential Cut-Outs. These pieces, produced in the early 1950s, have been endlessly copied, re-interpreted and reproduced without ever being bettered. They bear testament to his enduring genius and look equally stunning today in contemporary or traditional settings. The exhibition will also feature original graphic works by Miro, widely regarded as some of the most beautiful and distinctive prints produced by any artist during the 20th century. His adventures in etching and lithography are legendary, featuring the classic semi-abstract forms, calligraphic strokes and dream-like imagery that make his work so desirable and sought-after by international collectors.

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“No printmaker casts a greater shadow across modern art than Picasso, and the works in this exhibition capture all the innovation, ambition and technical brilliance that define his career. He bent the rules of etching, lithography and linocut printmaking to his will, inventing new techniques and achieving startling results with every image.”

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