Plans for Living explored in new Ford exhibition

Plans for Living brings together Louise Bristow and Coco Crampton for a new exhibition from Weald Contemporary at The Mill Studio, New House Farm Barns, Ford Lane, Ford, BN18 0EF (April 20-May 10).
The House Of The Writers (contributed pic)The House Of The Writers (contributed pic)
The House Of The Writers (contributed pic)

Director Holly Fox-Lee said: “Everyday objects can provide a profound insight into history, reflecting the society that created them and the ideology of the period in which they were conceived.

"In Plans for Living, Louise Bristow and Coco Crampton explore the idea that form follows function and encourage us to look more closely at the structure, symbolism, conventions and absurdities of human life.

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“Brighton-based artist Louise Bristow begins her artistic process with the creation of miniature stage-like set-ups which serve as the foundation for her paintings. By incorporating found objects such as photographs, packaging, and prints, alongside meticulously crafted hand-built structures, Bristow creates compositions that are rich in depth and complexity.

“In the finished paintings, Bristow achieves a striking visual effect where objects or figures appear to straddle two realms: partly emerging from the background or a past time while simultaneously receding back into it. This duality creates a sense of temporal ambiguity and a narrative that transcends linear time.

“Coco Crampton’s aesthetic has developed in a similar way. She describes it as being ‘a process of borrowing, hi-jacking and reinterpreting from various periods in design history.’ Coco's non-medium-specific practice reflects her dynamic and exploratory approach to making work allowing for a fluid movement between different processes and materials. This flexibility enables the artist to draw from a diverse range of techniques and traditions including knitting, carpentry, ceramics and printmaking, each offering its own unique set of possibilities.

“The importance of play in the creative process of both artists underscores the inherent value of artistic expression as a way of connecting with ourselves, our communities and the world at large. In Plans for Living Louise Bristow and Coco Crampton challenge viewers to reconsider preconceived notions of the familiar, and encourage them to approach their creations with a sense of curiosity.”

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Launched in 2023, Weald Contemporary is a nomadic gallery and consultancy based in West Sussex.

Holly explained: “We believe that art should be accessible to everyone and provide both an exhibition space and tailored mentorship to emerging and mid-career artists. We promote, connection and collaboration through art, encouraging the next generation of artists to see and be seen.

“Last year we launched our online shop which features accessibly-priced paintings, prints, drawings and ceramics by artists who work in Sussex and the south.”

Opening times: Thursday-Saturday: open. Sunday-Wednesday: closed. Visitors are not required to buy tickets; general entry is free of charge. All works are for sale.

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