Rainbow Theatre’s The Easter Story will be staged in Ferring

Rainbow Theatre’s The Easter Story comes to St Andrew’s Church, Ferring for performances at 2pm and 4pm on Easter Saturday – its first outing for a number of years.
Ross Muir will be Jesus (contributed pic)Ross Muir will be Jesus (contributed pic)
Ross Muir will be Jesus (contributed pic)

Writer and composer Nick Young, founder and director of Rainbow Shakespeare at Highdown Gardens, is promising a “witty and moving portrayal of the greatest story ever told.” It tells of Christ’s entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, the trial and the crucifixion, and culminates with the Resurrection – a show which has been seen by more than a quarter of a million children and adults since its launch in 1987.

The role of Jesus will be played by Ross Muir. The rest of the cast includes Neil James as Peter/Herod, Henny Sonnermann-Petty as Mary and Tash Power as Judas. Local children will also be taking part.

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Nick said: “A number of years ago we were approached by the drama advisor for West Sussex who was saying schools find it very difficult to teach Easter and the crucifixion and could I write something. And so I did.

"And it was so successful that the next year we had six companies doing it down in Sussex and another six companies doing it in the West Country. We had 12 crucifixes! It was fantastic.

“And then when we moved to Ferring, we got involved with the local church and we thought it would be a really nice idea to put it on for Easter at St Andrew’s. It was still going in the West Country until about 2016 but I haven't done it here since about 2012.”

But it was all certainly still there as Ross and Nick discovered when they went back to it and found they could remember the lyrics immediately: “It is going to be lovely to revisit it. I think it just works so well as a piece of theatre. It's a really great story.

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“When I came to it and started reading the Gospels you just realise what an amazing piece of storytelling and theatre the whole story is. It has also got comedy. You have also got Herod as a real sadistic tease, and that's a great scene too. You've got everything. You've got a very poignant Mary. It goes from Palm Sunday right through to the Resurrection and again that's a fantastic part of the story. All the disciples are in a locked room because all the temple police are after them and into the room walks Jesus...

“The story is about how human beings go through those experiences. It's about being afraid and being brave and feeling that you are part of this great movement and then feeling this total despair. It is a wonderful human story and Jesus is a great role for anyone to play. You are ominsicent but you know you've got to convince people and you know that they're not really certain that you know what you are doing!”

Refreshments will be served in the Church Hall between performances. Donations placed in orange envelopes will be gratefully welcomed by the performers and the church.

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