Tea Coffee & Tequila - new Chichester exhibition

Louise Duggan (contributed pic)Louise Duggan (contributed pic)
Louise Duggan (contributed pic)
Tea Coffee & Tequila, the brainchild of artists Louise Duggan and Bobby Dazzler, is kicking off the New Year with the promise of a pioneering new show at Chichester’s Oxmarket Contemporary from February 6-18 (www.teacoffeetequila.com).

After the success of their initial show in December, the duo are back with Unapologetic, an all-female group show “displaying some of the most exciting and successful artists from the UK.”

Louise said: “Each respected artist has been hand-picked for inclusion not only for their artistic prowess, but also because of their success in addition to their practice. They are business leaders, gallery owners, working mothers, highly educated, motivated, successful role models who have not allowed adversity to stand in their way. Never before has such a group been seen together under one roof, but the thing that really sets this show apart from others is the inclusion of a fully immersive installation room. Whilst the main show of the artists current practice will take place in the Rank Gallery, a TCT requirement for entry is that each artist produce a unique piece, solely for this show, that looks inward and explores something deep within them - something rarely seen in public view.”

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Artists include Ruth Mulvie, Hannah Shillito, Sarah Arnett, Pam Glew, Haus of Lucy, Alice Hesketh, Georgie Wheeler, Alexandra Barto, Ellie Pompili, Jane Wilson, Andi Hazelden, Bob & Eve, Meghan Durham, Jessie Woodward and Louise Duggan. The exhibition is at Oxmarket Contemporary.

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