West Sussex walks: Findon – Cissbury Ring – Storrington Rise, with photos and video to guide you

We are launching a new series of West Sussex walks, using photos and video to guide you. Follow the simple instructions and check through the gallery as you go to keep on track. Our first walk takes you up to Cissbury Ring from Findon village and offers wonderful views. We estimate it is about four miles and takes about an hour and a half.

We are starting our walk at The Black Horse pub in Findon village, just off the A24. It is easy to get to by bus from Worthing or Horsham. If you would prefer to drive, you can adapt the route and make it circular. Start by walking a short way up High Street, Findon, until you reach Steep Lane. Turn right here, to join Monarch's Way, a long-distance footpath that runs from Worcester to Shoreham. Walk up Steep Lane until you reach a crossroads. Carry on straight up the hill along the continuation of Steep Lane. As you reach the top, Nepcote Green comes into sight. There is a footpath to the left but we are continuing to the top of the road, round to the right.

Cross to Nepcote Green and follow the footpath past The Wattle House, a Grade II listed building dating from 1803, and on to the top corner of the green. As you step on to the road, turn right and walk a short way along, past a couple of houses, until you reach a footpath on the left. Leave the road and ignoring the gate marked private, take the footpath up. You are still on Monarch's Way. Continue past a gate on your right, and follow the straight footpath. Take time to pause to look behind you, as there is a wonderful view to the left.

You will eventually reach a crossroads of footpaths. We are turning right here and as you do so, you will see Cissbury Ring ahead of you. Do enjoy the views over to Lancing, Shoreham and Southwick. Continue along the path until you reach a small parking area. Carry on through the parking area and, straight ahead, you will see two sets of gates, the one on the left being a pedestrian gate that takes you on to Cissbury Ring.

There is a direct path to the top ahead of you but we are going to turn left to take the path around the hill, as this is not so steep. As you head up, gradually working your way around the hill, there are some lovely views over to Upper Beeding on your left. Make sure you stick to the wider path and don't veer off when another path appears on the left. At the top, you will see a fence and if you walk right up to it, you are treated to a distant view of the sea at Worthing.

Turn right and follow the fence to an open area of land. Turn right again to join the footpath up to the top of Cissbury Ring, with the ramparts obvious ahead of you. Keep to the left of the fork and head towards the gate that takes you on to the top of the Iron Age hill fort. Pass through the gate and follow the footpath. Here, you can choose to take the steps up to walk around the ramparts or continue at the lower ground level. Either way, turn left to start circling the ring clockwise.

You will eventually come to another footpath through the ramparts. This would eventually take you to Broadwater, were you to follow it, but we are going to ignore it and continue round. If you are lucky, you will meet some of the New Forest ponies that live wild at Cissbury Ring. The National Trust asks that you allow them space and do not feed them. Do, however, feel free to stop for a picnic to feed yourself. Now you are up, you can do a full circle, if you wish, and there are various ways back down. On our walk, we are looking out for the gate that takes you down to Storrington Rise.

You will see the gate come into view but do not be tempted to take the steep slope straight down to it, as there are much better steps ahead, hidden from sight at this point. Once you have walked on a bit, the concrete steps become obvious. Take these down to the gate and continue straight on down the hill. Follow the path straight down. You can pass either side of the clump of trees. For some reason, I always choose the left side going down. You will see some gates at the bottom of this field. Walk towards them and it becomes obvious there is a wide opening.

Continue down through the gap and take a left into the next field. Once you are in the field, turn right to carry on down the hill. An archway of trees at the bottom allows you passage through. Work you way over the tree stumps and turn left to continue down the hill to Storrington Rise car park. Work your way through the car park and turn right to walk down the road, called Storrington Rise. You then turn right into May Tree Avenue to get you back to the A24. At the end of May Tree Avenue, turn left and you are at the stop for a bus to Worthing, or cross the road and turn right, and just past Bost Hill is a stop for buses in the opposite direction – but continue on past this bus stop to get back to The Black Horse if you need to.

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