West Sussex walks: Storrington Rise – Cissbury Ring – Findon village, with fabulous views over Worthing and photos and video to guide you

Part of our new series of West Sussex walks, using photos and video to guide you, this is the reverse of our first walk. Follow the simple instructions and check through the gallery as you go to keep on track. This walk takes you up the steep way to Cissbury Ring from Findon Valley and offers wonderful views. We estimate it is about four miles and takes about an hour and a half.

We are starting this walk to Cissbury Ring in Worthing at Storrington Rise car park, off the A24 in Findon Valley. It's a classic starting point but we are going to take you down a different way to end in Findon village. You can drive, or catch the bus from Worthing or Horsham to the stop near May Tree Avenue, to access this walk. Exit Storrington Rise car park at the top corner, where you will find a noticeboard with lots of interesting information. Don't follow the paths round the noticeboard, turn left as you leave the car park and follow the wide path directly up the hill towards the trees at the top. Just keep following this wide path and as you near the trees, you will spot an opening directly ahead.

Walk through into the wood and work you way over the tree stumps to the right before turning left into an open field. Continue straight up the hill to the top left-hand corner, where you can work your way into the next field up. As you reach the corner, it becomes obvious there is a wide opening. You go left and immediately right, through a gap with a fence on your left. This part of the walk is very steep and at this point you cannot see Cissbury Ring but bear with it, one foot in front of the other, and you will be rewarded. Walk straight up, passing a small clump of trees, which you can pass either side. Suddenly, the ramparts of Cissbury Ring come into view and you will see ahead of you the gate you need.

Once through the gate, head up the concrete steps ahead to the left. You can climb up to walk around the ramparts if you wish or stay on the grassy area to walk round the bottom of them. It is possible to do a full circuit of Cissbury Ring in either direction if you want to but for this walk, we are turning right to head anti-clockwise. Continue round and enjoy the views over Worthing and out to sea. You will eventually come to a footpath through the ramparts. This would take you to Broadwater, were you to follow it, but we are going to ignore it and continue round.

If you are lucky, you will meet some of the New Forest ponies that live wild at Cissbury Ring. The National Trust asks that you allow them space and do not feed them. Do, however, feel free to stop for a picnic to feed yourself. As you carry on your journey around, it is the second gap in the ramparts you are looking for. Steps go up either side to the top of the ramparts but we are taking the central path through and down to leave Cissbury Ring. Pass through the gate and follow the footpath ahead, down to an open area of land. You should see a sort of crossroads, where we are turning left to pass along beside a fence on your right. Continue to walk along the line of the fence for a short way. Then take a left turn and start to go downhill, with the bank of trees on your left.

Just follow this path, wrapping around the hill as you descend. You will eventually arrive at a gate that takes you out to a small parking area. Walk through the parking area and follow the path straight ahead, between two fenced-off fields of cows. Do enjoy the views over to Lancing, Shoreham and Southwick on your right. You will eventually reach a crossroads of footpaths. We are turning left here to join Monarch's Way. This part is a long straight path. Take time to pause to look around, as there is a wonderful view. As you follow the path down, you will eventually see a road ahead. As you join the road, turn right to continue down the hill.

Before long, you arrive at Nepcote Green and you should follow the footpath sign to head on to the grass. Cross Nepcote Green by following the footpath past The Wattle House, a Grade II listed building dating from 1803, and down to the bottom corner of the green. As you leave the green, cross the road to join Steep Lane, which winds round to the right and downhill. You will come to a crossroads where you continue straight on down Steep Lane. At the bottom of the road, you reach High Street in Findon village. We are turning left to visit The Black Horse but you could choose to right here to visit The Gun Inn or the Village House. You are not far from the bus here but if you parked at Storrington Rise, follow the A24 left from The Black Horse until you reach May Tree Avenue, which takes you back to the car park.

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