Alex White with the card machineAlex White with the card machine
Alex White with the card machine

Cash only Hastings shop is now accepting cards

A recently opened shop in Hastings Old Town that was previously cash-only now has a card reader.

Arkwhites Best Before Store opened in George Street in mid-December offering heavily discounted foodstuff and other items.

It has already attracted a lot of interest and built up a loyal customer base.

Owner Alex White, who for many years ran the popular Whites Seafood restaurant at the other end of George Street, is a champion of using cash. It was his intention for the shop to be cash only, but it seems some people are reluctant or unable to pay in cash.

Alex said: "I decided to get a card reader due to many requests. Some residents pointed out that it is not always straightforward to withdraw cash in the Old Town. The only street ATM, which is only a few yards away from the shop, charges for withdrawals. The card machine took a while to arrive but we have it now. Lots of customer, I would say between the age of 13 and 40, mainly use only cards, which surprised me. A lot of people are paying using by tapping their phone or even their watch.

"My stance is that cash is still the preferred option in the shop but we will accept cards.”

The family run shop is open from 11am – until around 4pm, but closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. it offers many big brand names such as Heinz, Hellmans, Doritos, Oreos and Blue Dragon at heavily discounted prices. It sells tins, jars and packet food that is near, or just over, it’s best before date, although many of items on sale have a best before date well into 2024.

People can keep up to date with what is in stock and what is coming in by following Arkwhites on their Facebook page.