Searching for recycling ‘unusual suspects’

Lewes District Council is keen to boost recycling by encouraging residents to think about some of the less obvious items that can be recycled.

Turtle dove Streptopelia turtur, standing on grass. Photo: Andy Hay (rspb-images.com)

Act now to save UK nature - wildlife expert’s call to arms

It’s not too late to save UK nature but we must act now. That is the conclusion from a coalition of more than 50 leading wildlife and research organisations behind the State of Nature 2016 report.


Sir David Attenborough backs Sussex Wildlife Trust legacy campaign

Sir David Attenborough is supporting Sussex Wildlife Trust in its quest to protect vulnerable wildlife this week (September 12-18).

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Red-footed booby. Photo courtesy of the East Sussex WRAS. SUS-160509-101603001

COUNTY NEWS: Rare bird rescued after washing up on Sussex beach

A rare bird normally found in tropical regions of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans was found in Sussex at the weekend.

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An example of a private pumping station

Do you have a private pumping station on your property?

Southern Water is taking over responsibility for the ownership and maintainence of private wastewater pumping stations in the region.

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Sleepiness linked to traffic noise and pollution

Sleepiness linked to traffic noise and pollution

Nodding off in the middle of the day may be down to pollution generated by traffic, suggests new research.

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WRAS volunteers freed a deer from an electric fence in High Hurstwood at the weekend

VIDEO: Rescuers free deer from electric fence in High Hurstwood

Wildlife rescuers were called to High Hurstwood at the weekend after a deer became trapped in an electric fence.


COUNTY NEWS: Sussex drivers urged to be considerate during Harvest

Sussex drivers are being urged to be careful and considerate on the roads now that Harvest is underway.

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Sticks, bug hunts and stargazing - ‘50 things’ kids should do before they turn 12

Sticks, bug hunts and stargazing - ‘50 things’ kids should do before they turn 12

Climbing trees, building a den, hunting for bugs and going stargazing are among the ‘bucket list’ items that children should be ticking off - before they get to the age of 12.

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Spiked Rampion only grows in East Sussex ENGSUS00120131223133507

East Sussex council accused of damaging rare species

East Sussex county council contractors have been accused of damaging an internationally-important habitat for the second year running.

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Hedgehogs ditching the countryside

Hedgehogs ditching the countryside for city living

Hedgehogs have adapted to life in towns and cities better than we think, a new study, presented in Sussex, has found.

Polluted night skies over the South Downs SUS-160613-112642001

COUNTY NEWS: Revealed: Sussex’s biggest light polluters

Parts of Sussex are being blighted by light pollution from some of the county’s biggest towns.

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A pipe clogged with fat

£1.4m to keep stop sewers being blocked by fat, nappies and wipes

Southern Water has just marked the first anniversary of its £1.4 million investment in a five-year programme to keep the South East’s sewers running clear of fat, oil, grease and other unflushables, such as wet wipes, tampons and nappies.

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West Wittering beach

Sussex beaches are part of the record breaking spring clean

Sussex beaches are some of the hundreds of beaches in the UK that have been involved in the record breaking spring clean.

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Residents campaigning for fossil fuel divestment in Hastings town centre

‘Historic’ vote on fossil fuel divestment in East Sussex

Campaigners have described a vote on divestment from coal, oil and gas set to take place in East Sussex next week as ‘historic’.

Gatwick publishes action plan after noise review

Gatwick publishes action plan after noise review

Gatwick Airport Limited (GAL) has published an action plan following a review into its aircraft noise.

The Seven Sisters, South Downs National Park. Photo: S. Wilson, Mosaic SUS-160303-152550001

Your chance to help shape the future of the South Downs National Park

People in Sussex are being given a chance to help shape the future of the South Downs National Park.

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The county council is seeking views on how transport infrastructure across the county can be shaped in years to come

‘Driving Home For Christmas’ is our favourite festive singalong

One in five people appropriately choose ‘Driving Home for Christmas’ as their favourite song for their festive car journeys.


Why Santa may have to mow his lawn this Christmas (well, he would if he lived in the UK)

Forget presents and turkey, we’re all more likely than ever to be mowing our lawns this Christmas.

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Get Ready for Winter campaign

Video warns Sussex householders to be ready for ‘Jack Frost’

Sussex may still be enjoying unusually mild weather for the winter.

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