Advice on what to do if you live next to a nuisance neighbour

Millions of homeowners say their life is being blighted by a nuisance neighbour, new research has revealed, with two thirds of Brits say they are living or have lived next door to a nuisance neighbour.
How to deal with nuisance neighboursHow to deal with nuisance neighbours
How to deal with nuisance neighbours

Boisterous children (13 per cent), noisy pets (15 per cent), loud music (21 per cent) and rows over parking (15 per cent) were just some of the most common causes of rows, with four in ten admitting they had bickered with a neighbour in the last year.

Nearly one in five had resorted to calling the police and 20 per cent contacted the council because of an issue with a neighbour with many citing criminal damage, vermin, trespassing or noise issues as the reasons why they felt they had to escalate the issue to the authorities.

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Shockingly more than a third said they were considering moving because of the impact of the dispute and stress it had caused their family.

The research by property law experts Slater and Gordon, which polled 2,001 residents, found that seemingly minor incidents tended to be at the root of long-running and bitter feuds among neighbours, with disputes over parking spaces and unwanted extensions being one of the most common reasons for rows.

But what should you do if you have a nuisance neighbour – watch the video for advice and to find out more about your legal rights.

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