DVD review: Robot Overlords (7 out 10)

Sometimes movies just slip under the radar and don’t get an audience or much recognition.

On occasion it’s because the film is simply not very good.

However, this time it’s possibly because it wasn’t very clear just who it was aimed at and maybe people thought it was just too British.

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Robot Overlords is certainly not a bad film - in fact it’s pretty good.

Armed with a cast that includes Sir Ben Kingley, Gillian Anderson, Geraldine James and Callan McAuliffe, director and co-writer Jon Wright has created a story that moves at a good pace.

And while it’s aimed at more of a teen audience there’s plenty to enjoy whatever your age.

The plot, which was inspired by a dream Wright had, sees the Earth ruled by robots from another world.

The remaining population is forced to stay in their homes. If they step outside an implant on their head alerts the massive Sentries or particularly unpleasant Snipers.

However, a group of children find a way round the alarms and set out to track down the Resistance.

But Mr Smythe (Kingsley), a former teacher and now robot collaborator, attempts to track the youngsters down.

McAuliffe is the lead character, Sean Flynn, searching for his father while his mum (Anderson) fights off the attentions of Mr Smythe.

Wright obviously doesn’t have a Hollywood-style budget but the special effects are sound enough and he cleverly avoids spending cash on incidentals - so we don’t see the initial robot invasion. That’s done via an on-screen explanation and some sound effects.

Young Milo Parker’s performance stands out and he now has this and the recent Mr Holmes on his CV.

While people weren’t queueing up to see this at the cinemas Robot Overlords is set to get a decent audience via DVD and Blu-Ray.

Film details: Robot Overlords (12A) 90mins

Director: Jon Wright

Starring: Gillian Anderson, Ben Kingsley, Milo Parker

Out now on DVD and Blu-Ray