Simon Brett and grandson on the Arundel theatre trail!

Simon Brett shares the stage with his own grandson in his contribution to this year's Arundel Festival Theatre Trail.

Spanning the generations...
Spanning the generations...

13-year-old Jake Morris joins him for The Apprentice’s Sorcerer which they will present from Saturday to Saturday, August 18-25, daily at 11am at Arundel Town Hall.

Simon, who lives just outside Arundel, is promising an amusing look at the transfer of the powers of magic. Jake has written the music for the show.

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As Simon says: “It goes back two years really. I have done a play for the Arundel Festival Theatre Trail for about 17 years, and two years ago Jake’s school went to the fringe at the Edinburgh Festival to do a play.

“He was then 11 and they had a wonderful time. He said to me ‘We only get to go to the Edinburgh Festival every two years, but you do a play every year for Arundel!’ He said ‘Maybe you could write a play for the two of us to do?’

“It didn’t work out last year because their holiday cut across the dates, but it became live again this year. I wrote it and we have been rehearsing it. I have called it The Apprentice’s Sorcerer. You will have to guess who is playing which!”

“You could say it is a play about a power shift. The creation becomes more powerful than the creator… but it is quite funny as well!”

Jake, who lives near Reading, said he was really enjoying working with his grandfather: “I have enjoyed acting for quite a long time and would like to do more. I think the nerves will kick in once we get up to the show time, but I really enjoy working with him. He is funny – and delivers a really funny performance. There is quite a lot of argument in the play, and he brings the characters to life. There is good chemistry between us.”

Jake expects to find it exhausting. He admits he was shattered after six days in Edinburgh. He will be even more so this time round. For the Arundel Theatre Trail, they will be delivering the play each day for eight days.

“But it is going to be good fun!”

The full daily programme is:

11am Arundel Town Hall: The Apprentice’s Sorcerer by Simon Brett.

12 noon Arundel Football Club: Captive Audience by Keith Lipscombe. Laugh? I thought you’d never ask.

1pm Victoria Institute: Final Report From Cell X32 by Gabriel Chanan.

2pm Arundel Youth Club, School Lane: About Abi by Cathy Eva Bennet.

3pm India Gate Restaurant, Mill Lane: Death Does Larry by Cary Pepper. Death arrives and informs Larry he was supposed to kill him yesterday, but forgot.

4pm St Mary’s Gate Inn: What Would You Do If I Sang Out Of Tune? by John McDwyer.

5pm The Cathedral Centre: Sheep For A Lamb by David Weir.

6pm The Norfolk Arms: Respite by Fraser May.

Tickets on 01903 885727.