Eastbourne café - We try out the one of the best seaside spots - in pictures

We tried out Perch Café in Princes Park, home of the toilets that have taken the internet by storm, as well as offer some great food – here’s what we thought.

Located in Princes Park, just a short stroll from the town centre, the café offers a dining area, as well as a porch both outside the front and by the nearby pond if you want to grab a quick drink and catch up with friends and family.

Despite, it being a cold and grey day on Easter Sunday, the waitress greeted us warmly, with a prime spot overlooking the pond that sits adjacent to the dining area.

The dining area itself was well laid out, wooden tables giving off a rustic but homely décor.

I ordered the Fish and Chips (£15.99), a classic seaside staple, while my colleague Megan Baker, who is a vegan, ordered the Vegan Junk Burger (£14.99)

The service was quick and we received our order reasonably quickly.

The Fish and Chips that I had was excellent, the fish was tasty and the batter was the perfect flakiness to complement the fish. The chips as well were cooked to perfection, cooked, and shaped, so as to be a vessel for the equally delicious tartare sauce.

Megan’s meal was also cooked wonderfully, a vegan twist on the classic cheeseburger but I could barely tell the difference between this vegan version and the real thing!

The burger also came with chips as well as a little pot of caramelised onion, both of which were also delicious.

After our wonderful meal we had to visit the toilets, which was called the ‘coolest in the UK’, but for a reason I will not spoil in this review. Safe to say I was equally shocked and surprised when I pushed the big red button!

Overall, the experience was delightful, the food and the service where superb as well as being located just a five minute walk from the seafront, where you can walk off all that you have eaten.

The only bad thing about it was that it wasn’t sunnier so that we could have enjoyed the wonderful food in some glorious sunshine!

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