New Worthing food hall has grand opening - Inspired by 'hidden gem venues'

A new food court, which was inspired by ‘hidden gems’ in London and Ibiza restaurants, has officially opened in Worthing.

Forest Row is based at the former Beales department store in Liverpool Road and features an array of vendors, specializing in ‘different cuisines from around the world’. Click here to read more.

"When we decided to embark on this project, I knew exactly what I wanted in a venue,” Forest Row owner Simon Darcy Abbot said.

"I yearned for a space that would evoke the same feelings I experienced whilst exploring hidden gem venues in Camden, London, with the welcoming atmosphere of my favourite restaurants in Ibiza.

"Trading city life for a more rural existence, I have come to cherish the serenity of walking through the fields and woods of Ashurst. I envisioned a venue that would offer plenty of natural materials, greenery, and open space, complemented by the warm, dusky sunlight that bathes the area.

"Thus, I drew inspiration from the forested landscape of the surrounding area, and Forest Row was born!”

The food vendors on offer are: Brian’s Soul Food; The Beef Guy; Pizza Pasta Basta; Pascals Fish & Chips; Pie & Mash; BLOCK bar Worthing; JIM JAMS and Mac Daddy.

Block Bar owner Ben Gill, who has another site in Brighton, said: “This will hopefully be something new. It's a street food court.

"We are really excited to start this project and be part of Worthing.

"We are really excited about what's going on in the city and the development of the whole place. We want people to come to the town from outside Worthing.”

Mel Peters, who runs Rocket Social Media, said: "I think it's great. Hospitality has been struggling for a while now. It's really great to have somewhere family and friends, young and old, can come under one roof and get something to eat and a really cool environment.

“On our soft launch, a couple in their 80s came and had fish and chips. It's really nice to finally have a venue that attracts different types of demographics.”

Harris Anderson, general manager at Forest Row said: "It's fantastic, we've been looking forward to it. I am very thankful to all of our customers and people like Ben and Mel.”

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