Haywards Heath man’s new pizza business offers unique meals that are proving popular in the community

A Haywards Heath man has started a pizza business from his kitchen to bring something a little different to the area

Jack Perry, 31, launched Jacks Pizza a few months ago and started selling his Detroit-style pizzas in February.

He said the response has been ‘amazing’ so far and is currently selling more than 100 pizzas a week.

Jack said: “It’s been really good and super busy from the get-go.”

He said: “I sell Detroit pizzas, which are deep dish and rectangular.”

Jack explained that the unique style uses a focaccia base with pizza toppings and has cheese going all the way around the outside. He said: “It acts like a cheese crown that sort of melts down the sides.”

He said these pizzas originated in Detroit where Italians had migrated. Jack said: “They didn’t have the high temperatures, they didn’t have the ovens they had back in Italy, so they had to adapt. They actually used pans from the mechanics that they were working in.”

Jack previously worked in construction but decided on a career change recently, getting the idea for the pizza business late last year. "It was kind of a Christmas thing when you’ve got that time to think,” he said. “I’ve always wanted to start my own business in food so I thought I’d just go for it.”

He now uses Deliveroo as his platform to sell and people can follow the business on Deliveroo (Wednesday to Sunday, 5.30pm- 9.30pm), Instagram and Facebook.

The majority of customer reviews have remarked on how tasty the pizzas are and most of Jack’s reviewers have awarded him five stars. Jack said one satisfied customer even said his pizza was better than one he had tried in New York City.

Jack said proofing (or proving) the dough is a lengthy process and he makes it in bulk. This then gets balled up before it goes into pans and is part baked ready for the evening. Jack said the sauce is made fresh daily and he offers dips too. He does not offer sides yet but he said he is thinking about doing this.

Jack said: “It’s just cool to bring something new and exciting food-wise into Haywards Heath.”