Worthing school offers new scholarship for students who have struggled during pandemic

Our Lady of Sion is offering a new scholarship for students who have struggled during the covid lockdown.

The Louise Humann’ Scholarship – named after the inspirational educationalist who was instrumental in the birth of Sion education in the 1800s – is for Year 10 students and will start this September.

It has been created for students who have struggled to access learning during the lockdown, or who are struggling with a loss in confidence and self-esteem and who are deeply anxious about going back to a large class for their GCSE years.

Steven Jeffery, headteacher, said: “The whole point is really a response to what has happened in the last year. And to be able to offer something like this, I am absolutely delighted.

Headteacher Steven Jeffery with Our Lady of Sion students in Worthing

“If we can help more children reach their goals, then that is terrific.”

Mr Jeffery said Sion has made the scholarship as affordable as possible to help students who want to maximise their own potential.

And they are students who have learned how to live during a pandemic, he added.

“They are much more resilient now and it is about what they have learned – not what they have lost,” he continued.

The new scholarship at Our Lady of Sion in Worthing starts this September

Sion said the new scholarship will bring life to the school’s motto, ‘Consideration Always’, recognising the needs of students today.

And with its award-winning pastoral care and nurturing approach, alongside small classes and academic rigour, a Sion education focuses on the individual needs of each student.

A spokesman added: “Sion knows their students very well and works tirelessly to strengthen confidence and empower every child to reach their own exceptional outcomes.

“This scholarship is for bright, motivated students with the authentic care and support that Sion can deliver.  

Our Lady of Sion in Worthing has created the scholarship in response to the coronavirus pandemic

“The school’s fees are highly competitive and may well be more affordable than one would think. With this new scholarship, the aim is to offer further opportunities to those students who have been troubled by the experiences of the past year.”

For more information about Our Lady of Sion and the Louise Humann’ Scholarship, please email the admissions registrar, Karen Eley at [email protected]

Our Lady of Sion students