Are you doing Sober October in aid of charity?

For the month of October Macmillan Cancer Support is asking people to go alcohol-free to raise money for people with cancer.

You can choose to take on the challenge for 21 or 14 days, or go ‘old school’ and challenge yourself to take on the full 31 days.

Claire Rowney, executive director of fundraising, marketing and communications, at Macmillan Cancer Support, said: “Macmillan is almost entirely funded by donations from the general public, and at a time when our income has suffered a significant decline as a result of Covid-19, every penny raised means we can continue to be there for the growing number of people affected by cancer. Sober October is a light-hearted abstinence challenge, which has raised over £27m in the last eight years and is one of the many ways people can support us.

“Macmillan recognises the struggles that pubs and bars are facing in light of Covid-19. We strongly encourage anyone who participates in ‘Sober October’ to continue to visit pubs and bars in a safe and socially-distanced way. As part of the challenge, we will be regularly sharing ideas for walks that include a pub, the best places for non-alcoholic cocktails and the best pub gardens.”

Sober October

As for where your donations go £10 - could help run our vital phone service for cancer patients, and could lead to our welfare rights advisers on our Macmillan Support Line helping people affected by cancer to claim £396 in benefits they are entitled to. £30 could pay for 50 copies of cancer information booklets. These booklets are one of our most popular resources, offering advice and information on sources of support to people affected by cancer, who may experience a wide range of emotions including fear, loneliness, and anger. £60 could pay for a Macmillan Grant that buys a good quality liquidiser for someone who can't eat solid food as a result of their cancer or treatment. And £100 could pay for a Health Professional to attend a specialised conference on approaches to cancer treatment, run by Macmillan.

To get involved sign up for Sober October at or by searching Macmillan Sober October.

Buy yourself a Golden Ticket! We know that pubs and bars are having a hard time, so you can still head to the pub and have a sober sip. The Ticket entitles you to a night off from your Go Sober challenge. You can buy one for yourself or sweet talk a mate into getting you one for a minimum £15 donation. For more details on how to get a Golden Ticket and for more top tips visit our website.