Eastbourne school and 200+ residents object to proposal for ‘ugly’ 5G mast

A school headteacher and Eastbourne residents have objected to plans for a 16m 5G mast.
Eastbourne school and 200+ residents object to proposal of ‘ugly’ 5G mast (photo from Jon Rigby)Eastbourne school and 200+ residents object to proposal of ‘ugly’ 5G mast (photo from Jon Rigby)
Eastbourne school and 200+ residents object to proposal of ‘ugly’ 5G mast (photo from Jon Rigby)

It is proposed for Dukes Drive, a residential area with Bede’s Prep School and nursery.

The application says: “H3G (Three) is committed to providing improved network coverage and capacity, most notably in relation to 5G services. High-speed mobile connectivity is the lifeblood of a community.

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“The proposed location of a new mast shown above with assimilate well into the immediate street scene and not be detrimental.”

Objections to 5G mast in Eastbourne (photo from EBC)Objections to 5G mast in Eastbourne (photo from EBC)
Objections to 5G mast in Eastbourne (photo from EBC)

About 230 letters of objection have been submitted including one from Bede’s Prep School.

Headteacher Mark Hammond’s letter says: “My objections to this mast concerns not only the appearance but also, as a siting issue, the harmful, cumulative, polluting effects from the proposal.

“The planned location is highly unsatisfactory due to the potential impact on the health and well-being of very young pupils and children who live in our boarding community, impact which has not been adequately evaluated to date.”

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If approved, the mast would go up outside the Bede’s Prep School boarding house and near Down’s House – the nursery attached to the school.

Mr Hammond added: “The school strongly objects to the siting and appearance of the mast within the heart of our school community and an area of outstanding beauty.”

Residents also raised concerns. Sarah Hammond said: “I have many concerns including the fact I was not consulted as a close resident and that this appears to have been rushed through.”

George Rumman said it would be a ‘complete hindrance spoiling the very popular Helen Gardens’.

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Louise Acford says: “This is an attractive street and this ugly mast does not belong on it.”

Kylee Cornwall said: “My concerns are for the school community and the residents of Meads as to the harmful and polluting effects this will have.”

A spokesperson for Holywell Conservation Area Group said ‘only a small handful’ of local residents received prior notification.

They said: “Each and every one of us from all areas of Eastbourne were outraged that the applicant had selected, for yet another one of their towering intrusive masts, an area of natural beauty that is dear to us all with its popular Helen Garden and panoramic sea views, backdrop of the rolling South Downs, much loved and visited Holywell at sea level directly below, and so close to one school in particular where young children would be exposed to the mast's experimental RFR emissions.

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"The most heartening aspect of this planning application and subsequent reaction is that it has brought together a wide section of our community with a common goal to protect the tranquility and charm of this part of the town from a King Kong-esque monstrosity.”

The group says it would be a ‘momentous victory and vindication for all citizens of Eastbourne and visitors alike’ if the application is refused.

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