Celebrity Gossip, January 22: film fitness regime for Liam Neeson

LIAM NEESON has revealed he tries to work out regularly to stay fit for his movies.
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Hot gossip SUS-141118-141638001

The 62-year-old actor, who stars in action films such as Taken, A Walk Among The Tombstones and Non-Stop, said he has a regular exercise routine to stay in good shape.

“I keep pretty fit, in life. I would step up the regime, a couple of months before we start (filming),” he said.

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“I do a whole mixture of stuff; it’s not strictly this regime, or that regime. I do a lot of power walking. I use a lot of kettle bells. They’re great. Making a film, you do need stamina, whether you’re doing fight scenes or not. They’re long days.”

He added: “Tombstones was set on eight weeks of night shoots - you do need stamina for that work, so it’s important to keep fit. And I’m not talking about having perfect abs or stuff, but you have to be on top of your game, especially if you’re playing the lead. You have to look after yourself.”

JENNIFER ANISTON has said she doesn’t feel too bad about being snubbed for the Oscar nominations, because she is flattered that so many people were surprised she didn’t make the cut.

The former Friends actress stars in yet-to-be-released drama Cake as a woman living with chronic pain who becomes fascinated by the suicide of a woman from her support group. Jennifer was widely expected to be nominated in the best actress category at the Academy Awards but did not make the shortlist.

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Appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show she said: “I’m the number one snubbed! That’s the silver lining!

“It hasn’t even come out. That’s the crazy thing - we’re so shocked and amazed that we have had this much love for a movie that hasn’t even been released yet.”

PROFESSOR GREEN has revealed his final words to his suicidal father were, “I hate you.”

The 31-year-old rapper, whose real name is Stephen Manderson, lost his dad Peter in 2008 after he committed suicide.

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“As a child, it was complicated. He was always in and out of my life,” the singer told BBC’s Lifeline appeal programme.

“At 18 we stopped talking and after five years, I decided to reach out to try and arrange a meeting. Unfortunately, we ended up arguing and the last words I said to him were, ‘I hate you’.”

Pro Green continued: “The terrible thing is, I never got to see him again because a few months later, he killed himself. The moment I found out my dad had taken his own life is still as clear today as the moment it happened. I kept wondering why no one had seen it coming.”