Ocean Day: Can you find the turtle in this ocean brainteaser?

To mark World Ocean Day 2022 (June 8) sustainable merchandise platform Teemill has put together this poignant brainteaser.

Can you spot the turtle hidden amongst the other marine life and plastic debris?

It also aims to highlight the fashion industry’s responsibility for 20 per cent of all industrial water pollution

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Rheanna Coleman, supply chain lead at Teemill, said: “Organic cotton is a biodegradable and natural material, all the products we make are designed to be sent back at the end of their life and remade. That means no pollution ends up on land or in the sea as your products use no plastic whatsoever.”

Can you spot the turtle?

At the current rate of decline, sea creatures like the critically endangered Eastern Pacific leatherback turtle will vanish within 60 years.

As well as the usual sea life suspects, you’ll notice plastic bottles, bags and cutlery scattered across the image. That’s because washing clothes releases the equivalent of 50 billion plastic bottles of microplastics every year but each tiny fibre is small enough to be absorbed by plankton and go upwards into our food chains. Polyester does not break down in the ocean so it can never be cleaned up by nature.

Scroll down for answer.

Were you close or did you beat the 31-second record? To find out more about Teemill, visit www.teemill.com

Turtle circled

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