Flying visit as Glade pupils 'jet off' into African sunset

Young schoolchildren walked into their lessons in Bognor Regis and walked out of them in Africa.

The 60 five and six-year-olds swapped continents thanks to Air Africa set up in a corridor of The Glade Infant School.

Passports at the ready, the pupils boarded the make-believe plane piloted by 'Captain' Tony Flint, taking a break from his caretaking duties, and got ready for take-off with the help of the cabin crew.

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Their destination was Tanzania and they were taking with them '“ as well as their sun cream and sunglasses '“ a very special passenger in the shape of Bobo.

The chimpanzee had been found in a classroom after the Christmas holidays.

He was being returned home after the children had learnt about the animals in the forests, jungles and deserts.

During their stay in Bobo's homeland, they experienced African music and African cooking.

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Maandazi, or African doughnuts, were on the menu along with Tanzania chicken.

One of the children who took part in the imaginary day-long journey was Charlie Jays, six.

He said: "I liked being on board the plane. We have learned all about monkeys and chimpanzees and we thought we would take Bobo back to Africa."

Connie Styles, five, said: "We have looked at African instruments during our stay."

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One of the teachers who became a cabin crew member for the day was Justine Chubb.

"It's all about immersing the children in learning. We thought it would be far more interesting for the children to go to Africa rather than learn about it secondhand," she said.

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