Rye Observer Comment

WE all knew that cuts were expected and that we may be forced to tighten our belts but few could have foreseen cuts which could endanger homes and lives.

Plans to situate some emergency care services on a single site, at Hastings or Eastbourne, have some merits, especially in ensuring round the clock consultant care.

But there is no one who would want a loved one who had suffered a stroke, or needed immediate care, to have to travel 30 miles from home to receive it.

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It seems inconceivable that the Health Trust has not appeared to involve the ambulance service in this consultation to a greater degree and that the public have yet to hear the views of the ambulance service.

If Rye councillors and the man on the street can clearly see the ambulance service is key to the proposals then why hasn’t the Health Trust?

Then there is the question mark hanging over the future of the Ridge fire station, which provides vital back-up response to rural Rother,

Just days after the Rye Observer raised concerns over the safety of residents, the point was proved when fire engines from the Ridge attended a house fire at Pett Level, arriving at the scene in just ten minutes.

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We accept cuts have to be made but not cuts at any cost and especially not cuts to vital front-line services.

Rye Arts Festival comes to a close this year after clocking up an amazing 41st years.

And all the feedback we have received indicates it is as popular as ever.

The festival helps place Rye squarely on the country’s cultural map as well as providing a great late season boost to the town’s economy.

There are still lots of things to see and do this weekend if you want to catch the tail-end of the festival.