Sharing a love of pizza | Vicky Meets

n How did the Pizza Nomad begin?
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• How did the Pizza Nomad begin?

I always loved pizza, but actually I have always loved making things that people enjoy; be that woodwork or whatever. The fact that people eat pizza; sharing and enjoy it together, is really nice. It gives me a buzz. I had two little pizza ovens at home that I made pizza for the kids in. I wanted to spend more time with them and go part time in my job as a primary school teacher, so I was thinking about ways that I could supplement my income. The Pizza Nomad was the answer!

Where does your love of cooking come from?Definitely from my mum. She is Northern Irish and has always cooked big hearty meals that can be shared. In her heyday she cooked those big stews and she taught me to make them too.

Mark Stratton, The Pizza NomadMark Stratton, The Pizza Nomad
Mark Stratton, The Pizza Nomad

• Is making pizza easy?

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When I was setting up the business I realised that pizza can be cooked really badly or done really well. So I make sure that I use the very best ingredients that I can find. I get flour, cheese and tomatoes from Italy, and all my meat comes from Jordan’s Butchers in Rose Green; a mixture of authentic ingredients and the very best locally sourced ingredients. As for the dough, I looked at process and spent about three months getting my dough just right. There are so many different ways of doing it, but I wanted to do the very best I could make.

• I hear you do sweet pizza – tell me more!

I also put my own twist on things by making pudding pizzas. Today I am serving an apple crumble pizza with homemade salted caramel drizzle. It comes up really nice! I also do a pizza called Plant Based Nosh as a vegan option. Veganism is definitely a growing trend.

• You’re now operating out of a fantastic converted horsebox. Where did it come from?

I commissioned it from a chap in Devon. I am very pleased with it. I didn’t have it when I launched in 2020, but now we are much busier. I do different markets and regular locations each week, as well as private functions like weddings and proms.

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• Do you have a personal favourite pizza – what would you recommend that I try?

A Picture Perfect (all my pizzas have funny names), which is chorizo, red onion, sweet pepper and rocket pizza. But I do like the apple crumble pizza too!

• What’s next for the Pizza Nomad?

I’d like to do more events and have a few more regular slots in places. The pre-order system for my regular slots works really well, as people know exactly what time their pizza will be ready and they can enjoy it at its freshest.

• Where can we find more information?

All details, including details of my regular locations, are on the website, which is I am also on social media: @markthepizzanomad on Instagram and The Pizza Nomad on Facebook.

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