Sussex columnist: Having fun at a children's party at Out of Bounds in Rustington

​I’ve been at it again. I recently went to a children’s party and was told I could join – in so I went to town!
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​If you’ve read my previous columns, commiserations, but you might also remember me enthusiastically getting involved in a party at Wickers Gymnastics Club and leaping into the foam pit.

Well, it turns out that was just the warm up for my party antics, because this time I went full throttle at laser tag at Out of Bounds.

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Katherine took her job at laser tag very seriouslyKatherine took her job at laser tag very seriously
Katherine took her job at laser tag very seriously

Why didn’t somebody tell me how much fun it is? And more importantly, why doesn’t Out of Bounds offer adult sessions?! I would totally book a space. (Dear Out of Bounds. When you do decide to let grown ups in on the fun, please put me on the list.)

If you don’t know what laser tag is, it’s where children are given phasers (a ‘gun’ emitting a laser light) to run around and shoot each other with. The person/team that strikes other people’s/the other team’s guns the most is the winner.

There was a bit of an uneven team at this party, so a couple of adults were required to help.

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I’m competitive, it looked like fun, I was waiting there anyway – I was all in!

When you say it out loud, it just sounds plain wrong that my objective was to shoot children. But that’s pretty much what it was.

Never being one to shy away from a challenge, I took my job seriously.

I was a sniper at ground level, taking out children when they least expected it as they ran through the soft play area.

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If it wasn’t so much fun and I couldn’t see my code name (Shark) creeping up the leader-board, I’d almost have felt guilty.

But it was all taken in good spirits and many of the children got their revenge by mounting a pretty efficient campaign to take me out, too.

By the end of the hour I was exhausted, and I hadn’t even been running around in the equipment. Maybe that’s why they don’t invite adults to take part, after all…

Otherwise this week, I’ve been out to a couple of gigs.

Both were held at the same venue, but had very different vibes.

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First up was JLS at the Brighton Centre last Monday night. Part of the group’s second reunion tour, it was a chance to sing along to some of the boys’ classics from the late noughties.

Even though the whole concert was supposed to be seated, pretty much everyone spent the whole night standing up dancing. Never underestimate mums on a night out.

Might have been a school night, but we were all there to partay – me and my friend Emma included.

There were hands-in-the air moves, some kind of hip wiggling and lots of slightly out-of-tune singing along (admittedly that was more me than Emma but thankfully the music was loud, so I’m hoping nobody noticed).

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Who knew being transported back to the heady days of the sounds of 2008 on a wet November night could be so much fun?

Saturday night it was, ironically, time to calm the pace down. My husband and I had tickets for Zimmer vs Williams, again at the Brighton Centre, but this time it was a 75-piece orchestra concert.

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London Concert Orchestra treated us to film music from composing legends Hans Zimmer and John Williams, an altogether more elegant affair than my shimmying earlier in the week.

Every piece was so recognisable, and it was a real treat to hear such top musicians perform such beautiful music.

It was also a massive relief to my husband that I didn’t have the opportunity to dance and embarrass him.

Win-win for everyone!

I have a couple of paragraphs of space left to fill in my print column, so I’m going to say the C-word. That’s right, the other thing on my mind this week is Christmas. It’s just weeks away and I’m already panicking.

Stay tuned for more madness as the holiday season approaches..!

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