World of Words: Could Brett fans advise on which book to read next?

Further to the wonderfully successful Shoreham Wordfest, I wanted to know a little bit more about the Wordfest’s patron, Simon Brett.

Arundel-based Brett is an inspiration to us all. I had heard a play of his on the radio but wanted to read one of his books – and once I started, I just could not stop.

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I am absolutely addiction to the Charles Paris Mysteries. The titular amateur detective and alcohol soaked middle-aged lothario appears such an unlikely hero. He staggers through his roles, much like his life, unknowingly hurting the people he loves, and yet his capacity for insight into human nature gives him the sleuth like skills to track down the most unlikely of villains. So far I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Cast In Order of Disappearance and So Much Blood – the first two in the Charles Paris series. My only problem with this successful and enjoyable series is whether to read in order of appearance or to read the latest one, A Decent Interval’ (number 18 in the series) next. If you are also a Brett fan, please advise.